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Fields to reforest

In each of the eight villages, the next step is now to find 10 families interested in revitalising a 6-hectare plot of unused, unwooded land. This reforestation potential are uncultivated or unworkable lands (too far away, sloping, stony, etc.). In these regions, each family has a lot of unused land because the fallow cycle can extend up to 25 years: a plot is cultivated for 5 years and then the soil is left to rest for 20 years. For this reforestation campaign, we will be sowing our seedballs on two of the six hectares (2 additional hectares next year, then the last 2 hectares in 2023), i.e. on 160 hectares in these villages in 2021.

These field visits are also an opportunity to check that the seeds are at the right maturity. The picture shows seeds of carapa procera (“kobi” in Malinke), from which the famous touloucouna oil is extracted

huile de touloucouna touloucouna oil touloucouna Öl

For more information on our species:  Forest species chosen by arboRise enhance biodiversity

potentiel de reforestation potential aufforestungspotenzial